Hot romantic movie scenes

Very Romantic Movie scene

hot romantic movie scenes
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Valentine's Day EXPOSED: We rate and SLATE the most famous romantic scenes on screen

The most romantic movie scenes in history

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Some films just have it: that one scene that you can watch over and over again until you have it memorized, but you still burst into tears whenever you revisit it. So when you need a good, cathartic cry, all you have to do is pull up your favorite scene on YouTube, and boom, cue the waterworks. To that end, we decided to compile some of the most romantic, sob inducing, and memorable scenes in all of film history. And while it's hard to narrow down the field given how many great movies tug directly at our fragile heartstrings, here's a tenderly curated sample of the top contenders. So grab a tissue and gird yourself: here are some of the most romantic movie scenes in history. It's only right to start with one of the most legendary movies of all time: Casablanca. Rick is an American expat who's still deeply in love with Ilsa — and it's clear that the feelings are mutual.


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