Hot chili 1985

Hot Chili (1985) 1/2

hot chili 1985
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Hot Chili is a comedy film directed by William Sachs, and co-written by Sachs with Menahem Golan It stars Allan Kayser, Joe Rubbo, and Taaffe O' Connell.
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A group of American teenage boys goes south of the border to work for the summer at a Mexican resort. There they encounter many wacky guests and have zany adventures involving a German dominatrix, a music teacher that gets hot when giving lessons, a buxom cook, and an uptight socialite that eventually thaws.

It was filmed in Mexico. It received a negative rating from the film site AllMovie. Four adolescent youths travel to seek out employment opportunity at a resort in Mexico. The supervisor of the facility advises them to stay away from relations with the guests. However, the youngsters soon find themselves enmeshed in relationships with colorful figures that visit the facility including two older individuals from Texas that engage in the sexual practice of swinging , a dominatrix from Germany , a music instructor who becomes sexually aroused when giving lessons, and a large-breasted chef.

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