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emo alone girl

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Top definition. Wanna be emos or wemos someone who has greasy black hair with massive roots.
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30 Emo Songs Every Former 'Emo Kid' Can Still Relate To

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I'm emo, I'm not always sad, I don't have a specific emotion that I stick to for attention, just when we do have a strong emotion, it's very deep and, yes it is kind of a style aswell, with the drain pipe jeans thing, and the side fringe , except right now I have a foward fringe, so the stereotype doesnt exactly always apply, don't judge us, everyone should be allowed to be who they want to be. Emo kids - Dedicated in love Obvious when we're sad or happy We're not all loners either. Emo Kid unknown. They wear a lotta goodwill AWESOME , engage into straight edgity, often have side parted hair and are very emotional but also very loving but seem to be very depressed, look at the darker side of things, really just see the glass as half empty but enjoy this and really do know how to express themselves and arent afraid of what others think or say:. A person that supposedly wears huge glasses and baggy pants, but in reality don't.

She had the typical emo raccoon eyes, dark sometimes blonde hair with punky pink highlights, and she thought posers made everything "So Complicated. Little did my surprisingly deep and alarmingly melancholic mind realize how few boys would even get to pass a second date with me unscathed. Let alone get into and stay in my heart long enough for me to get heartbroken. Good Charlotte definitely gives people the emo feels. This song, in particular, was recommended to me by my best friend.


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