Women who fuck better than men

Do lesbians have better sex than straight women?

women who fuck better than men
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Strapon Women Who Fuck Better Than Men - 2

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5 reasons why women need more sex than men!

As a man, I am against gay marriage. - New research suggests the female advantage in life expectancy has fundamental biological roots.

Men seem to assume that all women want a commitment with their sex, and it's just not true. “I told you I can't be your boyfriend; you should have known better.
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The Bored Sex

The one that matches your identity. Trust me, the hell of your identity not matching up with your physical existence is well, hell. That said.
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Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. - You can change your city from here.

They have sex about three times a week, which might strike many as enviable, considering that John and Jane—who are in their 40s—have been together for nearly two decades. Based on numbers alone, one might wonder why they need couples counseling at all. Or frequency. Or different. Jane has bought lingerie and booked hotel stays. She has suggested more radical-seeming potential fixes, too, like opening up the marriage. But her sexual struggles in a long-term relationship, orgasms and frequency of sex notwithstanding, make her something else again: normal.

Freud once called female sexuality "the dark continent," and if that's true, then male sexuality might as well be the dark planet. Because when it comes to sex , men are far from simple. As much as they may try to convince us otherwise. The bedroom is one of the great stages of male performance, so what you see on TV is typically far from what can and should be delivered in reality.


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