Trish stratus kiss my ass

Vince McMahon

trish stratus kiss my ass
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Trish Stratus Lita Kiss WWE

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Trish Stratus Kiss my Ass Vince Mcmahon & The Rock Segment/Trish Kisses Vince's Ass.
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Trish Stratus shaking her butt 6_21_2004

During the segment, Vince spent a lot of time mocking and ridiculing Hornswoggle, trying to embarrass the little guy as much as possible. Vince then told the fans that he was rather gassy that particular night long insinuating what sort of deplorable acts he may add to the induction. Just as Vince bent down to Hornswoggles height, Finlay interrupted.

Trish Stratus was one of the most remember female wrestler back in the Attitude Era, next to Lita and many other female wrestlers. Her most remembered feud is with Lita, who is also her best friend in real life.
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The Kiss My Ass Club consisted of members who were ordered by Vince McMahon to show their respect and loyalty towards him, by having to kiss his butt, be it bare or with a thong. Many of the times these members were threatened with receiving a suspension or being fired if they refused to kiss his ass.




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    Since taking over the company from his father in , he has worked in the corporate area of the WWE and behind the scenes.

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