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sex and zen china

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Sex and Zen is a Hong Kong erotic sex comedy film directed by Michael Mak and starring Lawrence Ng and Amy Yip. The film is loosely based on The Carnal Prayer Mat, a Chinese erotic novel.
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‘Sex and Zen’ slated for U.K. release

As compared to the original film series, it is more dark and dramatic, and it occasionally pays homage to the humour of the earlier films. - Support your summer station today with a donation at ncpr.

The story is loosely based on a 17th century erotic Chinese story named The Carnal Prayer Mat and follows a young scholar named Yangsheng who gets married to the beautiful daughter of a local merchant. When their sex life proves unsatisfactory, Yangsheng leaves home and journeys to the Pavilion of Ultimate Bliss.
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Its predecessor still ranks as the highest -grossing Asian adult movie of all time. The premiere of Sex and Zen 3D marks itself as a pioneer: the first 3D porn in the world.

The story is about a lustful scholar played by Lawrence Ng who dares to challenge the moral teachings of the Sack Monk. The monk attempts to lecture the scholar that spiritual enlightenment transcends the passions of the flesh but the scholar, who enjoys women, doesn't agree. However, the most powerful man in the town marries his daughter, played by Amy Yip, to the scholar. The daughter is a virgin and has been taught that sex is dirty. The scholar, after a disastrous yet humorous wedding night, soon initiates his bride into the pleasures of sex, aided greatly by the illustrations of a copy of a sex manual. The amorous husband goes about his 'scholastic travels' where he meets the greatest thief known to man. The thief is able to sneak into people's houses undetected, and the scholar wants to learn this skill so that he can sleep with other men's wives.

But the quality will leave some cold. Director Christopher Sunhas opted for a lot of rubbing, pressing and bouncing, and the soundtrack is heavy with breathless, whiny squeaks and squeals from the girls, leaving one to wonder if anyone involved in the production has ever engaged in any form of sexual activity with real women. Nonetheless the novelty should result in moderate releases in most territories. The first half is a funny and almost picaresque adventure following arrogant scholar Wei Yangsheng Hayama Hiro on his quest to become a better lover as a newlywed to Tie Yuxiang Leni Lan. After the collapse of his marriage, his journey takes him to a den of iniquity reigned over by randy Prince of Ning Tony Ho suitably hammy at first and his tag team of sexual dynamos Hara Saori and Suou Yukiko. Visiting the Elder of Bliss an amusing Vonnie Lui , a male master in the bedroom arts disguised as a buxom woman, Wei is told his problems stem from his tiny penis.


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