Strike the kojou and yukina

Yukina Himeragi/Relationships

strike the   kojou and yukina


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He thought that Yukina was in love with Kojou and stalking him at first. Kojou In Strike the Blood EX, Asagi had been referred a couple of times as Consultant.
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Yukina Himeragi

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As she is his sister, he is very protective of her. He is willing to go through great lengths for her; he once risked his life just to retrieve her straw hat that was at the edge of a cliff when they were young. He also cares for her dearly.
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The BEST Episodes of Strike the Blood

The Fourth Primogenitor—That's the world's strongest vampire that should only exist in legends., This is our fight.

As she's appointed to observe him, she became a middle-school student studying in Saikai Academy who follows him everywhere and is also ordered to kill him if he becomes too powerful and insane to control himself. She is also the first blood mate of Kojou, and thus being the first, her blood smell is always associated with Kojou's own smell, which has been pointed out many times by other characters who could smell blood, probably due to her blood interbreeding with Kojou's as she was the one who activated Kojou's first 'real' vampiric act. Also, unknown to her, she was intended and prepared by the Lion King Organization to be his lover. Yukina has the appearance of a beautiful young middle-school girl. She has been quoted often times as extremely cute, that even older male students were interested with her upon seeing her picture for the first time. She was even called the princess of their class and has been begged by all of her male classmates to be their cheerleader in order to win their games.



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    A episode anime television adaptation by Silver Link and Connect aired between 4 October and 28 March in Japan.

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