Sakura and hinata

Are you Ino, Sakura, or Hinata?

sakura and hinata
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'The Last' Naruto Movie Spoilers: Naruto, Sakura, Hinata Love Plot Revealed

Story Story Writer Forum Community. - Earlier this month, we reported that the epic Naruto Manga will come to an end as the final chapter will be released on Nov.

After Hinata and Neji 's fight during the Chunin Exams, it was shown that Sakura had been concerned for Hinata and had run down to the arena along with Naruto and Lee , to make sure that her friend had been safe. Sakura and Hinata were both shown to be good teammates and work well together.
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Hinata VS Sakura: The Winner is Obviously Hinata. (my thoughts) *Spoilers*

SakuHina (???? SakuHina) is the term to refer to the romantic relationship between Sakura Haruno and Hinata Hyuga. When Sakura inquired about Naruto and Sasuke's whereabouts and actions, Hinata, who had seen what they had done with her Byakugan, informed Sakura. Hinata and Sakura.
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So there's This lovely poll on the app and i want to give a response blog to it because some people are complaining that no one is taking it seriously. Here we go! So who would really win? Also, we are using them both at their peak, which I am saying is "The Last. They've both had kids. Hinata had two kids.

This was a great post. I agree that Hinata should be the lead female and end up with Naruto. At the end Sakura is said to be stronger than Tsunade, but acording to this post-stating that Hinata is stronger than Tsunade While Sakura cared so much and trained so much just to bring Sasuke back. The only thing she did was awaken the bijuu in Naruto, that could have gone really bad


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