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Hugh Jackman plans to offer viewers "a good time" at the Oscars. He hosts the big show Sunday night. The Australian actor, who earned rave reviews for his hosting of the Tonys, now has the Academy Awards to contend with. But with typical verve -- after all, this is the guy who won a Tony for playing song-and-dance man Peter Allen in "The Boy from Oz" -- Jackman cracks jokes about the task, telling ABC that one of his distinctions is that he's the "tallest" Oscar host in recent years.

Television showed live coverage of the transfer of Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, 34, to prosecutors after he was arrested at around 3am on Thursday for being naked and drunk in a park in central Tokyo. The government has also criticised Kusanagi's actions, with Kyodo news agency quoting Kunio Hatoyama, the internal affairs minister, calling him "a bastard. Kusanagi has been the public face of the ministry's campaign to promote Japan's switch from analogue to digital television broadcasting by Fluent in Korean, hs is also a well known star across much of Asia. According to police, people living near a park in the Roppongi entertainment district of Tokyo called police because of the noise Kusanagi, who had been drinking with friends, was making. Police found the singer naked with his clothes piled alongside him.


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