Itachi and sakura fanfiction lemon

itachi and sakura fanfiction lemon
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She won a contest that I put up and her reward was a one-shot by me! Good for her! Well she choose ItaSaku as her pairing so that's where we're at!
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Don't read if you're under 18 or don't wish to read about two adult people having sex.
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This scene is set just after chapter 68 in my story for all the hentais who wanted Itasaku action. Will be my first lemon, but so help me I'm going to do a good job if it kills me. So what; Itachi'll spend a couple of hours without her for 2 weeks or so

This fic is written for cutecrazyice because I asked for drabble prompts and she requested Sakura and Itachi on a school bus. Sakura is only a high school sophomore so she IS technically underage in this fic. If that bothers you, then don't read it.

I want to thank TheRoseandtheDagger for helping me hash through the details on this one. I owe you big. So, this one is dedicated to you, Rose.


  1. Don K. says:

    Not only did I put this down for a while, but I had read a dirty novel to help me with the lemon! Pairings: Itachi x Sakura, Itachi x Sasuke.

  2. Tearlach G. says:

  3. Mary F. says:

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  4. Richard H. says:

    Oneshot, non-massacre. Itachi didn't think that he would get to use something more of his brother's than just the shower Itachi/Sakura Lemon.

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