Domestic discipline and sex

Domestic Discipline

domestic discipline and sex
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Devoted Domestic Obedience Training

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Monday Musing: Sex and Discipline in Domestic Discipline Romance

Sex after Spanking? What's your rule? I know some domestic discipline couples have rules about no sex after a spanking.

Greta Christina tells us all about how to keep the passion alive in a relationship: Christian Spanking Porn.
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Domestic Discipline sometimes DD for short is a label or depending on the perspective a warning if it is a squick in fanfic to indicate that a relationship between the characters involves physical punishment or discipline between them. This commonly spankings, but also other measures, and it can also include non-physical punishments.

Feb 23, Monday Musing , Opinion 2 comments. I am a big fan of spanking and domestic discipline romance. I was a reader long before I was ever a writer in this genre. Even in the mainstream contemporary romances I read as a teenager, I remember specifically wishing sometimes that the hero would just step in and take the heroine in hand. I was ecstatic when I found romances, few and far between as they were, where the hero actually did step up, and I was completely shocked when one of my very good friends stop borrowing books from me because she said all the men in my books were bullies because they did discipline the women. I remember being totally flabbergasted by that. To me, that was one of the most manic things about the book was that the hero cared enough to do something about whatever the behavior was that was problematic.

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