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tim hamilton and lukas ridgeston
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The Private Life of Tim Hamilton

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What Tim Hamilton does in private, Bel Ami shows in public. Tim is always horny. Lucky him.
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Lukas Ridgeston born , April 5th, is a Slovak actor in gay erotic movies and model in Bel Ami gay erotic magazines and books. He was born in Bratislava , then part of the former Czechoslovakia , now capital of Slovakia.

Lukas Ridgeston born 5 April is a Slovak actor and director in gay erotic movies and model in Bel Ami gay erotic magazines and books. His stage name originated with the editors of Freshmen magazine. It is common practice for magazines to assign names to photos of models, rather than the studios or the models themselves. The magazine did not want to use a name from an Eastern Bloc country and chose the name "Lucas Ridgeston" as sounding more " Ivy League ". BelAmi changed the spelling to "Lukas" and both have been used ever since. Ridgeston performed nearly exclusively as a top in his films; however, he does bottom in the films Lukas' Story 2: When Boy Meets Boy [4] and Lucky Lukas. When asked, "Do you identify as gay, straight or bi-sexual?

Guess who's back? It's blond Bel Ami superstar Tim Hamilton. They even used their shots of Tim to put together a video set to Rihanna's "Rude Boy. I couldn't pass up an opportunity to share some shots of Tim back when he was working for Bel Ami. Posted on July 18, AM Permalink.


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