Exid up and down dance

Produce X 101 Trainer Performs “Up & Down” With EXID

exid up and down dance
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It was released on August 27, by is a track recorded by South Korean girl group. Wi arae wi wi arae Wi arae wi wi arae Wi arae wi wi arae up Wi arae wi wi arae Wi arae wi wi arae Wi arae wi wi arae down. Nan molla sunjinhan cheok haneun ne donggong Nal ne mamdaero deureotdaganeun noko Then i feel loco oh oh Nal michige mandeureo gangjetapseunghan roller Co coaster su such a monster.
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EXID Up & Down mirrored Dance Practice

Most people only know EXID's Up and Down so I think this will be a good way to make people more familiar with their other songs and a fun list! Their main dancer is center although she's center quite often since she's a main dancer and a visual in this upbeat and fun, and not too simple nor too complicated dance. It also has a signature move or a few.

EXID'???' ???? ???? This video is a dance tutorial and is meant for educational (or academic^^) purposes only!.
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EXID 'Up & Down' mirrored Dance Practice

The three have since then debuted in a new group Bestie. Their discography up to date is composed of three digital singles and one EP album.




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