Fox and ivy glasses

Tesco has launched a new, premium homeware brand that focuses on quality and exclusive designs

fox and ivy glasses
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Simple Living // An autumnal celebration with Fox and Ivy…

BNIB Fox & Ivy Crystal Glass Pack - Set Of 4 Champagne Coupe Glasses Unused

It is made up of plush accessories, intricately designed fabrics and flashes of metallic, that combine to create a truly luxurious look. - This autumn I plan to celebrate the darker evenings with a little sparkle.

Simple Living // An autumnal celebration with Fox and Ivy…

Over the years, Tesco has been increasing and improving their furniture and homeware collections. With beautiful pieces of furniture in the latest styles, soft on-trend bedding and modern dinnerware, Tesco has become one the best places for affordable homeware. It was great to see these collections at their showroom last month and chat with some of their design team.

As you can imagine life has changed quite drastically around here in the last 6 weeks. The arrival of Magda has totally upturned our lives in the best way possible. Obviously my day to day looks pretty different all of a sudden and whilst it feels more frantic and days just zip by in a foggy sleep-deprived haze, it also feels like little actually happens or gets done! Our home is now full of baby washing, dummies, baby rockers and muslin piles around every corner with the sofa now masquerading as a feeding station. As our living room functions now in a much more baby oriented way, it can be hard to switch that vibe off come evening time when we might want to grab a few minutes together, dare I say attempt something that resembles a date night a generous word for what it looks like. I picked a selection of items that could easily be brought out of the cupboard of an evening to set a calmer, more romantic scene. More so than breast pumps and wind drops anyway!


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