Tails and fiona

Shortbread Petticoat Tails

tails and fiona

Tails and Fiona

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Just getting back into the groove of making sonic fan comics again. And so Bunnie and the real Antoine are happily reunited in the most corny way possible, Sally is left once again as a character left hanging, Sonic starting a relationship with Fiona for no reason other than it makes a good drama, and Tails is still sad about them behind together. Can the Penders run just end here already?
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fiona and tails

tails and fiona

I need to tell you something Stella was lucky enough to find her forever family this week - I know it's true because I have sniffed all the kennels and they are definitely empty. So I know that my sister and all our pals have gone home to their forever families. Now I am so excited to find MY forever family, I can barely contain myself! And when I find them, I will give them lots of puppy kisses, sit on their laps to keep them warm, and clean up any food they accidentally drop on the floor!

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