Harry and hermione lemon

Harry's Other Wand

harry and hermione lemon

Harry Potter Hogwarts Enchanted Episode 1

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Lemons & Limes: Harry and Hermione. The room of requirement opened up its doors. Harry chuckled, "I thought it up, just for us." He led.
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35 Harry Potter Erotica Fanfics to Fulfill Every Fantasy

This fanfiction is written for jessica. Hope you love it! When she discovers Harry's secret, she gets a bit more than she bargained for.

The room of requirement opened up its doors. Harry chuckled, "I thought it up, just for us. The room was as it was when Harry was leading the DA classes.

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Hermione was in the Great Hall thinking about the one-and-only Harry Potter. Hermione couldn't help herself. She was getting hornier by the day. It was quite a strange feeling she had, ones that she had only recently begin to discover. Instead of memorizing facts, quotes and figures, like she used to, all she did was day dream about what it would like to be able to pleasure Harry.


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    Harry's Other Wand

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    Chapter 1 - Harry

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