Kim kardashian and ray j scandal

If Jordyn Woods Was Trying To Burn The Kardashians, She Reached Way Back With This One

kim kardashian and ray j scandal
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Kim Kardashian with Ray J

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Hold On, Was Kim Kardashian and Ray Jís Sex Tape Just Shaded at the MTV Awards??

Skip navigation! - Ray J admits the sex tape he filmed with Kim Kardashian West was "a little much".

Usually, Kim Kardashian finds herself the butt of the jokes thanks to her infamous sex tape, while her co-star Ray J gets off scot-free. After taking jibes at Sandra Bullock, Shazam!
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Ray J filmed much of the holiday with a handheld camcorder, capturing him and Kardashian " goofing around " and also having sex. Kardashian was relatively unknown before the tape's release. She was mainly known as the daughter of Robert Kardashian , who served as O.
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Kardashian has always maintained that no one in her family was involved in the leak , herself included. -





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