Me and my bitch

Me And My Bitch (Feat. Notorious B.I.G.) lyrics

me and my bitch
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Me and my bitch

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Me & My Bitch

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Notorious B. - Baby, think about it yeah I'll fuck you right, don't ever doubt it yeah You found the man, I know you found him yeah Babygirl, just think about it, just think about it yeah.

I used to have a girlfriend Now all I got is hoes I was looking for a down girl She was fuckin' on the low yeah. Hair done, nails did, caramel complexion Pussy stayed wet like she was mixed with mexican Love I invested in, trust I invested in So if she wasn't fucking with me I was stressing it Wasn't no questioning, pussy was mine Wasn't no questioning, Bonnie and Clyde Living in my momma house, but I let her move in Momma thought I was tricking But really I was just choosin', that was my bitch I was claiming her when we was fucking My bitch, I wasn't using condoms no nothing She is my love, she came first before my homies Like fuck it, I'm 'bout to get your name tatted on me. Used to have a girlfriend Now all I got is hoes I was looking for a down girl She was fuckin' on the low Now is me and my bitch yeah 'Cause knowin that these hoes ain't shit Me and my bitch We was ridin' on that west coast shit. I caught the bitch cheating Damn, she was with him last weekend What you mean you gon' call right back? What you mean you ain't got time like that? She fucked the nigga I knew Ain't really fucked with his crew I made a song with his brother And may she fucked with him too All that shit she was talking She wasn't really 'bout it And it made it even worse When my homie told me 'bout it I gave you your swag, told you to dress like that I hit your spot, made you say "yes!



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    d YG - Me & My Bitch Songtext, Lyrics & Ubersetzung

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    I was like twelve when I took that inhale I didn't know how to feel I was just digging your smell I don't know what you did but fuck it, you did it well.

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