Gaby and alex mum

How Much Money Toys And Little Gaby Makes On YouTube Net Worth

gaby and alex mum
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Gaby and Alex, the YouTube mites raking in ?1m a year

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Bonnier Corp. - By Hayley Richardson For Mailonline.

A FOUR-year-old has become Britain's top YouTube star, with yearly earnings of more than a million, thanks to her videos 'unboxing' toys. Gabriella is the star of channel Toys and Little Gaby, alongside her five-year-old brother Alex, which has more than 11 million subscribers and 3 billion views. Set up by mum Sabine, 28, three years ago, the channel is described as 'pretend play for kids, kids' challenges, playing with kid's toys and other activities'. Their most popular video to date is Bath Song Nursery Rhymes for Kids, posted in August last year, which shows the children in the bath wearing swimming attire. The pair, who live in the north of England, wash their hair and faces and play with bath toys to a soundtrack, and it currently has over million views from all over the world. And this week the channel was ranked as number one in Britain thanks to viewing figures, beating 23 million other channels for the title.

Her content is mainly her doing toy reviews, opening surprise eggs, balloons, bubbles and any other fun activity she can think of. Her brother Alex who has his own separate channel sometimes features in some of the her videos. New videos are posted two or three times a week.


  1. Rene O. says:

    Gabriella and her five-year-old brother Alex star in Toys and Little Gaby. The channel, set up by their mum Sabine, from Latvia, sees them play.

  2. Milton T. says:

    Gabriella stars in a YouTube channel, Toys and Little Gaby, with her brother Alex, 5, which was set up by their mother.

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