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Monochromatic Looks for Fall & Winter: White, Pink, and Black

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Dresses - Black and Nude Lace Wrap Dress

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This classic black dress is great for any presentation or day in the office. This look is and sophisticated. Accessorized with simple gold jewelry and nude shoes.
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With the temperatures cooling down, I find myself reaching for a lot of simpler looks incorporating same or similar colors. I think monochromatic looks work especially well when you mix different textures and materials think flowy silk and chunky knits, leather and cashmere, velvet and denim, etc. For my first monochromatic look, which we shot in the Boston Public Gardens during peak fall colors!

Jill Razor is a nude colored women's sneaker that has an "in-house designed" sole by Nubikk and is handmade in Portugal. This distinctive EVA sole is very lightweight and consists out of three 'blown up' parts which allow an even weight distribution for ultimate comfort. The side patches of the Jill Razor were inspired by the '90s to make it look more urban.


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    Monochromatic Looks for Fall & Winter: White, Pink, and Black - Fashion Eats Travel

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