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28 celebrities with blonde vs. brown hair, to give you ALL the the colour inspo

Even though we watched her color gradually evolve before our eyes, the day she revealed a full-on platinum blonde dye job we were stunned. Instead of looking super drastic like Kim's Lucius-Malfoy-esuqe transformation , it had a born-with-it feel we couldn't help but gawk at considering she had ultra-dark hair to begin with.

This article is part of Hair Care , our month-long investigation and exploration into our relationships with hair and the cultural implications that come with it. At the age of fourteen, I decided it was time to get rid of my baby locks by bleaching it. Over the course of a few hours, I managed to go from untouched, dusky blonde hair to platinum.
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A brunette was jogging through the park when she found a magic lamp. She rubbed it, and of course a genie appeared out of nowhere.
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Here are 28 of our favourite celebs as both blondes AND brunettes, proving once and for all that you can have whatever-the-hell hair colour you want., One aspect of how women are portrayed in popular culture is a purported rivalry between blondes and brunettes.

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There will not be a fight to the death about who gets to wear the signature blue dress and who has to bow out and fake a smile as Princess Aurora.


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