Jennifer taylor two and a half men

Two and a Half Men actress, Jennifer Taylor, talks about “God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness”

jennifer taylor two and a half men
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Jennifer Taylor - Two And Half Men

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You can help Two and a Half Men Wiki by expanding it. Jennifer Bini Taylor (born April 19, ) is an American actress, best known for her role as Chelsea Melini on CBS sitcom, Two and a Half Men, and earlier, for three other female roles on the show. She lives in Los Angeles with.
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Chelsea Melini was one of the most prominent women on the show, particularly due to the fact that she was the first woman Charlie confessed his love for. - She appeared in the erotic thriller Wild Things.

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Jennifer Taylor (actress)

If you are wondering where the many women of Two and a Half Men are today, then look no further. Mia agrees to date him as long as he quits smoking, alcohol and eating meat, but Charlie does it anyway behind her back. She found out and left him.

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Say what you will about Two And A Half Men , and plenty of its critics, detractors, fans, and cast members have; but the show lasted for over a decade. Like most traditional sitcoms, the premise is simple. A recently divorced, straight-laced sad sack and his young impressionable son moves in with his devil-may-care, hedonistic jingle-writing brother. Back when the show started, networks still cared about sweeps week. Sometimes the casting choice was an inspired great addition that made for a few memorable episodes, and others were a bit of a head-scratcher.


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