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Watch Adorable 97- And 102-Year-Old Sisters Gramma and Ginga Review ‘Game of Thrones’

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Gramma and Ginga Review "Game of Thrones"

G and G: Gramma and Ginga, McLean, Virginia. likes · talking about this. Gramma and Ginga are two funny old ladies aged and
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By now you may be familiar with and year old sisters Gramma and Ginga , who rose to viral fame last year thanks to the hilarious videos on their YouTube channel , in which the two mostly bicker, curse, and generally tell it like it is. Apparently, Gramma and Ginga were such a hit when they first appeared that Kimmel had them back on this week to review the latest episode of Game of Thrones. For a little backstory, neither Gramma not Ginga had ever seen an episode of Game of Thrones before, which would be confusing enough to the average person, not to mention two women who lived through the frigging Great Depression.

Bickering Grandmas Prove That No Matter How Old You Get, You Never Stop Being Sisters

From Good Housekeeping. If you grew up with a sister, you know the drill: No matter how much you love your sis, there will always be those moments when you just. Sibling rivalry is a fact of life - and it's why, at and 98 years old, West Virginia-based sisters Gramma and Ginga are taking over the internet.

By Jake Polden For Mailonline. Whether it be to outshine the other, to win the attention of a parent or for the sheer fun of it, all siblings argue from time to time. But very few people can say that they have consistently bickered with their brother or sister for an entire century like internet sensations Gramma, , and Ginga, The elderly sisters born from Italian immigrants in Clarksburg, West Virginia, have argued for as long as they can remember and have unintentionally entertained their family in the process. Gramma, , left and Ginga, 96, right have become internet sensations for arguing for a century. Speaking to MailOnline, Ginga, real name Arlene Cody Bashnett, said: 'We love each other but that doesn't stop us from driving each other crazy. I drive her everywhere and all she does is moan about how I drive.


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