Beck and tori dating fanfic

beck and tori dating fanfic

Brazzers House: Season 1 Full 2nd episode - Brazzers

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Chapter 3: Dating. Vega said. Listen we'll reschedule, maybe you can come after words.

Tori awoke sweating, she let out a small scream as she sat up in her bed. She looked to the side of her. Beck lay there with a confused, tired look on his face "Whats up with you" He asked Tori looked at her floor, Cat, Andr and Robbie lay there sleeping, Jade sat curled in a ball on her arm-chair.
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Hello, I am back with a new Victorious story., Author's Note: Wow, Opposite Date was such a great episode, especially that whole last scene when random strangers started psychoanalyzing Beck and Tori and asking them about their possible feelings for each other and mentioning how Beck is afraid to face his feelings…just wow.

I always thought that Tori and Beck would make a perfect couple. It's just my opinion. Beck Oliver and Jade West have just broke up for real this time. They were both very annoyed with each other. Jade was tired of other girls surrounding Beck and Beck was tired of Jade being mean to his friends especially his best friend, Tori Vega.

This is my first story and it is a Victorious, Beck and Tori pairing story! I hope you like it because I do a lot of writing outside of school. I will try to update as often as possible, so I hope you enjoy! Favorite and review it!


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