Snow white and the huntsman bloopers

Bloopers that make us love Chris Hemsworth even more

snow white and the huntsman bloopers
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Snow white

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The biggest mistakes you never noticed in Snow White and the Huntsman () . Add more and vote on your favourites!.
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Huntsman:Winter's War - Final Battle Part 1 HD

Chris Hemsworth is one of those rare actors who can do it all., Both involve a weekend of longtime friends coming together for a trip where the planned fun will quickly dissolve into something else.

Learn more about "Snow White And The Huntsman - Ravenna Is Furious" on The Huntsman: Winter's War Bloopers () - Charlize Theron Movie. video.
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The scenery is gorgeous. Charlize Theron looks great in close-up and her costumes are spectacular. The special effect of turning all those British character actors into dwarfs is impressive. Yeah, I think I've said all the nice things I can think of concerning ' Snow White and the Huntsman ,' a would-be epic that is merely lifeless at best and flat-out insipid at worst. Despite all its chain mail and shimmering swords, the first two-thirds is the same basic Snow White story you already know, just a little more.

Continuity mistake : Snow White 's feet move closer together when she is lying 'dead' as the huntsman mourns her. Revealing mistake : When Snow White rides the white horse bareback to the dark wood. In the last few frames as the horse gets trapped in the mud you can see a very thin set of reins attached to the horse's head. Continuity mistake : When Snow White is riding the white horse into the dark forest, she is riding bareback, but there is one shot where she is sitting on a tan blanket. DVDs can be longer or shorter under different countries' TV systems.


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    The Huntsman: Winter's War [4] is a American fantasy adventure film , both a prequel and sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman , it takes place before and after the events of the first film.

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