Batgirl and supergirl

Batgirl and Supergirl Through The Multiverse

batgirl and supergirl
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batgirl an supergirl

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Kryptonians and Bats are a match made in super hero heaven. These early stories happened in books like Action Comics or Superman Family where Babs would find herself guest starring alongside Kara to take on threats, like Cleopatra or, rather, the person being possessed by Cleopatra
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Batgirl writer Hope Larson is uniting with artist Inaki Mirada to establish the first meeting between Barbara Gordon and Supergirl in the "Rebirth" universe in this week's Batgirl Annual 1. Although the one-shot sets up a storyline for the Supergirl series, for readers of Batgirl , it represents a bit of a break from the ongoing story of Barbara Gordon's adventures in Burnside and her formerly budding romance and more recently brewing conflict with Ethan Cobblepot. Newsarama talked to Larson about this week's Annual , why Barbara was taken in by Ethan, and what readers can expect next from Batgirl.
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The episode starts off with Supergirl and Batgirl in their dorm room, studying for their lessons. They then get a call on Batgirl's mobile phone from Wonder Woman, who's calling them to offer them something to eat before the cafeteria close. Wonder Woman pans round the camera to show the wide array of edibles on offer, until it stops on the super food cake.

It's time for The CW's Supergirl to form a dynamic duo of its own. The Arrow verse series -- which is midway through its third season -- has largely kept the show's cast of characters within the family, focusing on Superman staples like Jimmy Olsen, Cat Grant, General Sam Lane and the big blue Boy Scout himself. Now that the show has established its cast and tone, though, it may be time for Supergirl to branch out to include other characters from DC's expansive canon -- and we know someone who would be a perfect fit: Batgirl. Over the past three seasons, Supergirl has established Batman and his crime-ridden city of Gotham as part of her universe. In Season 2, Kara offhandedly mentioned that her cousin Superman worked with a "crazy" vigilante with a lot of gadgets. The show has also namedropped Gotham on several occasions.

It is based in a world in which Bruce Wayne was never Batman , and the infant Kal-El did not survive long enough to become Superman. Barbara Gordon is Batgirl, a crime-fighter who rules Gotham City with an iron fist. Wonder Woman and the rest of the Justice Society have been permitted to make a public announcement inside Gotham Arena, where they introduce Supergirl and Lex Luthor to the Gothamites for the first time.


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