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The Vancouver Sun reports that the dogs suffered from bleeding and rotting tissue from this type of neutering, causing life-threatening injuries.
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Motherís Day Farm Chore

They Can Take the Heat

Last year the job was handled by our fourth-year-in-veterinarian-school daughter who is more familiar with the moving parts. This year it was our task and I knew I had done it wrong. While surgery is an option, for farmers the more common practice is to secure a tight rubber band around the scrotum and, like the tails we docked over a week ago, the scrotum will atrophy and fall off.

Owners Using Elastic Bands To Neuter Dogs At Home

Introduction: Unless males are to be kept for breeding purposes, they should be castrated very early in life about weeks of age; some goats at days of age. It is best to work early in the morning when the weather is not too cold and when the sun is shining brightly. Should weather conditions change to rain or snow soon after, the animals should not be allowed out in these conditions. With animals born in the warmer months, a clean pasture is the ideal place to turn them after castrating. With animals that will be kept inside after castration, change the bedding of the animals prior to or immediately after castrating.


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    Castrating Lambs and Kids

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