Lost via domus walkthrough part 1

Lost: Via Domus Walkthrough

lost via domus walkthrough part 1
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Lost: Via Domus Game Guide & Walkthrough

Below are links to the synopses of the Lost: Via Domus episodes. - This guide consists mostly of a very detailed walkthrough of the singleplayer mode of the game.

As the first of seven episodes in the game begins, called Force Majeure "Major Force" in French , you'll see one of the new characters introduced by Lost: Via Domus into the so-called Lost Universe.
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Lost: Via Domus walkthrough

The achievements that are available in this chapter are: "", "Save the castaways" and "Crash survivor". As you start the game you will be presented with a cutscene of you in a plane talking on the phone, after putting the phone down and having a drink the plane encounters some turbulence.

So it makes sense that, almost four seasons after the show began, a videogame would appear. Lost is all about storytelling, so developer Ubisoft decided to take a pure, direct route to telling the untold stories of some of Oceanic Flight 's survivors. They made an adventure game. Lost: Via Domus is a game which has a story that takes place concurrently to events that happened on the television show, especially during Lost's first two seasons. You'll see plenty of familiar faces, from the heroic, headstrong Dr. Jack Shephard, to the gorgeous criminal named Kate Austen, and plenty of people in between.



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