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locked in lace
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From childhood, little girls are trained to appreciate femininity. We steer towards the pink bicycle with the sparkling tassels, charming ballet slippers, and swooshy skirts that swing aimlessly as we twirl. At 23, I see little girls now as having a far more encompassing view of femininity than I did in the Lisa-Francophiled s.

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Locked in Lace

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Elle Macpherson used to be "locked in lace land" with bras. The year-old supermodel was determined to branch out of her frilly web-like patterned fabric for her new lingerie brand Body because she wanted to create a range that would make women to feel confident and comfortable in their underwear. She told the Guardian newspaper: "I'm not locked into lace land any more, thank goodness.

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This site features interactive forced feminization fiction. Beyond this page are stories, games and other fun adventures for people interested in adult cross-gender roleplaying. This is a fantasy, erotica environment for men who want to pretend they are being transformed into female sex-slaves against their will. Content beyond this point may include fantasies of bondage, domination, homosexuality, bisexuality, forced chastity, and submission. We require login to protect the players inside from needless scrutiny and to keep server costs lower. Please do not let this discourage you from giving this community a chance.

Making your husband wear a bra works wonders when you want better behaviour, but if he can't be trusted not to take it off, something more is called for!


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