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Dianna Dahlgren Please someone have a pic of the frigid Vegas temps and her small pleather top!

Anonymous asked: Current weight? Second one. We are all here for you. You are never alone. I always liked your content, especially when you did bloats, and wished I could be able to reach out and say hi, so hi! By then I wouldn't even have to hog tie you and feed you. Those breasts and nipples will get larger as we do!

You know a magazine where they teach you sex tips on how to seduce an American man, and how to use him to smuggle your cocaine so you can buy more cows to herd…. I just know that Shakira, as a mom and a judge on The Voice…who hangs with Adam Levine, and is pushing 40, bores me…even in photoshopped lingerie pics. Posted in: Shakira. Posted in: Julija Steponaviciute. Her name is Alexa Vega. She posted this under water, titties be floating pic…and so am I…because Alexa Vega and me…are so fucking similar like that. Posted in: Alexa Vega.


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