What is body inflation

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what is body inflation
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Peanut Allergy Inflation

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Body inflation is a sexual interest in inflating the body or specific body parts. The breasts, buttocks, stomachs, and male genitals are common areas for body inflation. Many people interested in body inflation are especially aroused by the inflation of a particular area.
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Body inflation

Body inflation is the practice of inflating or pretending to inflate a part of one's body , often for sexual gratification., Body Inflation , also known as Body Expansion , is a genre of fan art featuring people who have been inflated in various parts of their body as if they were a balloon, typically focusing on breasts, buttocks, stomachs and the entire body in situations where the method of full body inflation is done in the style of the film Willy Wonka , it is referred to as " blueberry inflation ".

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