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In the "Wubi input system font" in one, the root of Chinese characters on the keys are arranged is not easy to remember, this is one of the reasons people think difficult to learn; secondly, for itself is one yard, two yards, three kanji code, which must also be added to the tail of an identification code and the identification code has five types of three fifteen kinds of cross-recognition method, which is one reason hard to remember; Third, the choice does not cover all the characters radical, so that it can only be used to replace the basic root, the user difficult to split the troubled characters, which is one of the reasons difficult to use; Fourth, root it into a word more, representing the percentage of the total root Four of eight, which gave the memory more difficult. C is represented by the keyboard or a pen-shaped root portion of the characters of the second key, an input pen, or the root portion of the second Chinese character code; D represents the Chinese through the keyboard.

The advantage of this is to shorten the code bit rate and a reduced weight, such as a pen," two "word has Wei, specifically, loss, dry, and hit element, no other 30 words, in order to minimize the amount of radicals, not to "two" as a radical, and those to the "a" stroke. Thus, when the third key hit, these words will be able to distinguish 10 different sets of coding , each encoding a heavy codeword no more than Brief barcode using a common key computer keyboard , the nine kinds of strokes as a key member position, corresponding to the order is printed on the right side of the keyboard, numeric keypad 5, except nine digit keys, key code as input using the numeric keypad on the right side as Jane barcode input key, to the top of the.
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CN1195802A - All spelling form guide code Chinese character input system - Google Patents

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