Wet wet vagina

How Does Your Vagina Get Wet? Here's A Closer Look At Where Your Natural Lubrication Comes From

wet wet vagina
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What Men REALLY Think Of A Woman's 'Vaginal Discharge'

Getting wet is not only an essential part of sex— it's also one of the most fun. Vaginal lubrication is triggered by the blood that flows toward the genitals during arousal. The fluid itself comes from the Bartholin's gland, located in between the vagina and vulva.
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Getting wet is not only an essential part of sex— it's also one of the most fun. Cis women all know and feel when it's happening, but most of us don't know very much about what's actually going on downstairs.

Skip navigation! Story from Sex. You're deep into the heavy-petting stage of foreplay when your partner slides their hand down your body and into your pants. As they push your underwear aside, they say, "Oh my god, you're so wet.

Vaginal lubrication is a naturally produced fluid that lubricates a woman's vagina. Vaginal lubrication is always present, but production increases significantly near ovulation and during sexual arousal in anticipation of sexual intercourse.


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    So, the biggest difference between normal, everyday wetness and sexual wetness is how much vaginal fluid comes out, and where it comes from. When you're not sexually aroused, vaginal discharge comes mainly from glands in your cervix and the walls of your vagina, according to the.

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    8 Foods for Your Vagina’s Fertility, Lubrication, and pH Balance

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