Olivia and fitz scenes

'Scandal': Watch a steamy deleted scene between Fitz and Olivia

olivia and fitz scenes
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'Scandal': Watch a steamy deleted scene between Fitz and Olivia

The series finale of "Scandal" airs tonight at 10 p. ET on ABC, but in advance of the episode, "Good Morning America" has compiled some of the show's most jaw-dropping, heart-stopping, sob-inducing moments.
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Olivia and Fitz's Steamiest Sex Scenes on Scandal

It's important to remember things were not always sunshine and roses between the two to appreciate where Olitz is today.
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I mean, you believe that my presidency is more important than anything else, right? You must. You worked so hard to get me here. I came out of the bathroom, and the flight attendant grabbed me and pulled me into the kitchen galley and started giving me relationship advice. You have to know that she loves you, and those other people Mellie and Cyrus are trying to hurt you. I guess I feel the love more than the hate. Although the haters might not come up to me.

When Olivia Pope and the President are in a room together, the temperature rises. Take off the brakes on these two and things get a little crazy.


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